Shattering Addiction Stigma

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Using Audience Insights to Save Lives

Nearly 9 out of 10 people who need help recovering from addiction never receive treatment. Research has shown that the fear of shame keeps people suffering from addiction from seeking health services.

Shatterproof, Facebook, and Upswell joined together to help Americans struggling with the impacts of the opioid crisis.

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The team set out to increase the number of people who told their personal stories and to created shareable content. That would ensure powerful messages reached people in a personally meaningful way.


The content Shatterproof posted using Facebook’s Audience Insights created the connections that help relieve the isolation and shame addiction brings.

  • In just three weeks, Shatterproof successfully reached nearly a million people (945,000).

  • They succeeded in inspiring over 26,000 mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters to share their personal experiences.

  • Shatterproof received over 11,000 comments, many from people telling their stories about the impact of addiction.

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Shatterproof worked with Upswell using Facebook’s Audience Insights to learn that moms of older children living at home were the most engaged in their content.

The voice they developed based on this persona inspired people to share personal stories and put a human face to the devastating statistics.

“By shattering both internalized self-stigma and external social stigma, we can get more people into treatment and save lives.”

- Shannon Hartley, Chief Marketing Officer, Shatterproof